Doi Tung Botanical Flower Garden Thailand

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Doi Tung, once the former home to Princess Mother of Thailand and where you can

Doi Tung, once the former home to Princess Mother of Thailand and where you can find the elaborate Mae Fah Luang Gardens. The palace here is surrounded by a botanical garden which would not look out of place in a natural European or Bavarian style garden so often seen in Europe.

Here a mix of botanical and tropical style gardens surround the palace along with a concept program where the forest is being reborn and replanted with agricultural projects all sanctioned by Princess Mother.

Most of the Doi Tung mountain hillsides are home to plants and fauna growing in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The area has been known as the “Golden Triangle” and the spectacular views once up on the mountain are a sight to behold in your memory.

The landscape gardens here represent some of Asia’s most beautiful garden areas. The Mae Fah Luang Botanical Lawn, which sits a thousand meters above sea level, utilizes around six acres of well tethered land and crops grown from all over the world. A huge number of tourists visit the botanical flower gardens simply to judge the awe and wonder of the fauna on show here.

The Mae Fah Luang Gardens received a top award when the Pacific Asia Tourism Association’s PATA Gold Award was given at a special convention held in Bangkok. The award for issued for its bold achievements in developing a new tourist attraction. The gardens attract several tourists and create an additional wealth to the local economy and the Pacific Asia Tourist Association recognized this and felt it necessary to award the accolade.

The hillsides were once filled with opium poppies and were culled and burned. It generally became an area run down and without the beauty it so graces today. It was the Royal Highness the Princess Mother of Thailand who demanded the baron lands and sparse hillsides undergo a program of transformation that would see this once devastated land turn into a floral paradise. Even the local villages were transformed. Homes here were rebuilt and the income villagers once claimed from opium poppies were now turning to bringing in tourists with a farming method of growing botanical beauty.

The Doi Tung Botanical Flower Gardens is now an area of developing agricultural beauty and flower-scented harmony. The Royal Family has been at the forefront with their investiture and promotion of the whole idea.

I live in Thailand and own a flower shop. Since a young age I have loved flowers, and my mother used to take me to see some of the wonderful flower gardens in Thailand. We also grow flowers at home. Working with flowers is not only a job but it is also a passion.

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