Ceiling Fan Lighting Options: Light Bulbs, Kit Types, and Where to Use Them

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Ceiling fans are one of the most common and cheap options for keeping your house cool on hot summer days. Apart from cooling, these can also compliment the whole ambiance with its well-decorated bodes, blades and accessories.

The accessories of a ceiling fan can be purchased at the time of buying it or separately. Light bulbs, pull chains and remote controls are some of the most famous accessories for a ceiling fan. If you are looking for options to decorate your ceiling fan then I recommend you to read this article.

First, you decide where you are going to use the ceiling fan if it is your home, your office, porch or gazebos. It is because ceiling fan manufacturers have designed different models to suit every need. Ideally, you must not use an best indoor ceiling fan with lights on the porch, simply because it wasn’t meant to, in fact, it may hamper the overall performance of the fan leading to a permanent damage.

Once you have decided on the location of the ceiling fan, now is time to find out the total height of the ceiling fan and the size of the room and find out if you require a downrod. The size and purpose of the room will help you determine what type of lighting options you may opt, for example, you may not need a powerful bulb for your bedroom, whereas, decorative chandeliers or crystal light kits may enhance the overall appearance of your drawing room. In addition to these, check for UL ratings, because some light bulbs are wet/damp rated so you can use them outside, whereas, the common light bulbs are only to be used in dry areas.

Basically, there are different types of light bulbs- LED, halogen, incandescent and CFL which are used for downlight, uplight, bowl light, multi light and chandelier.


Using LED lights can help you save a great deal of electricity and money. LED bulbs consume less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. The initial cost of purchase is higher, but in the long run, you know won’t regret it.


Compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFL are the second most popular option. If you can’t afford LED, then CFL is ideal for you because of its excellent price range. CFL lights also consume 75% less energy than incandescent lights. If you want CFL lights for your ceiling fan, make sure that the room has an extra source of light, because CFL alone may not be able to give a good coverage.


Halogen lights consume more energy and heat, therefore, requires more electricity. The light coming from halogen bulbs are more powerful. The size of the bulbs is small and some are dimmable.


Incandescent light bulbs, just like halogens, use more energy and generate more heat. It does not last long and does not give powerful light, therefore, not ideal to be used as a sole source of light in a room.

Once you decide what kind of light bulb you want for your ceiling fan, you can choose from the following options:

  • Integrated Downlight: It gives a clean outlook. It is ideal for an office because the integrated light acts as a powerful source of light. LED is most commonly used in these.
  • Bowl light: Traditional bowl light, globe light and low profile light kits are ideal for living room, kitchen and bed room where you have an extra source of light or require medium to low-level light.
  • Multi light kits: Multi light kits with fitter are designed to add elegance and at the same time brighten the room. It is good for porch, gazebo, patio and reading rooms.
  • Uplight: It is used to create special effects when you are going to bed. Used for low-level light for a peaceful sleep. Ideal for bedrooms.
  • Chandelier: Both chandeliers and crystal light kits are to complement your house decoration with more sophistication. Halogen and LED are most commonly used in these to create an impressive effect. To be used in the living rooms, big halls and where you host parties.

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