Raised Bed Gardening

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For the newbie gardener, there is nothing better than a raised bed garden. With a few, simple construction skills, you can create incredible raised beds for your fruits, flowers and vegetables. And if you don’t think you have the skills you need to create from scratch, hone and garden centers also offer raised bed kits that make it super fast …


Doi Tung Botanical Flower Garden Thailand

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Doi Tung, once the former home to Princess Mother of Thailand and where you can Doi Tung, once the former home to Princess Mother of Thailand and where you can find the elaborate Mae Fah Luang Gardens. The palace here is surrounded by a botanical garden which would not look out of place in a natural European or Bavarian style …


Backyard Garden Network/Each One, Grow One

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EACH ONE, GROW ONE PROGRAM The idea for this network of home gardeners came from several discussions about the growing epidemic of overweight and obesity in the American population, and the high cost of healthy, organic food. There is strong and clear proof that a plant based diet is the healthiest of all. But the cost of organic fruits and …


Our Organic Crops

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SWEET PEPPERS are an excellent source of both vitamin C and vitamin A, providing more than 200% and 100%, respectively, of recommended daily allowance per 1 cup serving. These vitamins contain antioxidative properties which effectively neutralize free radicals, a type of cell-damaging molecule responsible for contributing to atherosclerosis and heart disease. In addition, sweet peppers contain vitamin B6 and folic …